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PPP System Masterclass

Learn How To Build Your Online Coaching Business To Another Level Using The PPP System!


Richard Bergeron M.Sc.


Watch Your Online Coaching Business Soar With Your Own Unique "PPP Program" That Builds Your Brand And Position's You As The Go To Expert In Your Market... Because Of Your Personal, Proven, Process!

The PPP System Masterclass Reveals All!!!

What if there was a proven system that once learned, could help you create a successful online coaching business with unlimited clients but also protects your precious time, so you still have the freedom to spend every day doing the things you want to do.

Would you want to know that system?

Well, I’ve got it. 



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Create your own PPP Program then you can use this to build a very successful online coaching business.
Helping your clients transform their businesses and lives, then you will feel touched that your business and your program is having such a positive impact.
Launch your coaching business from scratch, using my step-by-step proven process eliminating that tough learning curve.


15 sections

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Welcome and introduction 6 leçons 0 surveys
How Your PPP Program Can Accelerate Your Business Growth 0 leçons 0 surveys
Identifying & Developing Your PPP Program 0 leçons 0 surveys
Ensuring Your PPP Program Is Unique 0 leçons 0 surveys
Identifying & Targeting Your Market & Avatar 0 leçons 0 surveys
Naming Your PPP Program 0 leçons 0 surveys
Packaging Your PPP Program For Clients 0 leçons 0 surveys
Helping Your Clients Implement Your PPP Program 0 leçons 0 surveys
Setting The Right Pricing Strategy 0 leçons 0 surveys
Marketing & Selling Your PPP Program 0 leçons 0 surveys
Expansion With Multiple Income Streams 0 leçons 0 surveys
Analyze & Improve 0 leçons 0 surveys
Bonus 1: Reconnect With The "Why?" Of Your Business 0 leçons 0 surveys
Bonus 2: Revisit Your Perfect Avatar 0 leçons 0 surveys
Bonus 3: Explore Your Marketing Potential 0 leçons 0 surveys